woensdag 24 maart 2010

Michelle Branch: Long Goodbye acoustic

Ontzettend mooi nummer van Michelle Branch, luister maar eens goed naar de tekst. Binnenkort komt de Everywhere-zangeres met een nieuw album. Hopelijk kunnen Nederlandse fans, zoals ik, deze plaat ook bemachtigen.

The sky is dark
Full of rain, it ain't ever gonna change
The words are written on your face
Go on and say it
Go on and say it
Go on and say it

Don't you give me a long goodbye
Don't stick around and make it worse
Don't leave me hanging on all night
To every petty little word
Don't you drag me down that road
Of miles and miles and miles of hurt

Don't you give me a long goodbye

Do it fast, make it sweet
Pull the world out from under my feet
Don't you worry a thing about me, cause i'll make it
Give me the truth to understand
Since things don't work out like you planned
Well my heart is in your hands, go on and break it
I can take it
I can take it

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