vrijdag 30 april 2010

Agenda item: nieuwe single Anouk - Lovedrunk

I will help myself if you don't have the time
It ain't hard to find a new lover
Now it's your loss baby better check your mind
What you got don't cover my needs

Can't help myself when I start to show a sign
I need love it's like an addiction
I'd hurt myself
If I don't get away
I got to get myself a greater sensation

I need more than you could give me


Don't make me wait 'cause that would be a crime
It is easier to find me another
I'll find someone and I will get what is mine
I keep looking for the better connection

I'll help myself if you don't have the time
Watch me boy I'm out on a mission
You don't give me all that I need
So I continue with my little obsession


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